Do you dread the arrival of Christmas letters, or do you eagerly anticipate them? Do you read them or pitch them in the round file? What about the small font and those that are more than one page long? In my opinion, that’s excessive. I usually read them, because they come from family and close friends, and I’m interested in their lives.

Over the years, some Christmas letters have evolved into more photos and less info. The line, “A picture is worth a thousand words” rings true.

A Christmas letter is a source of communication with those we care about when communication has been reduced to social media.

As a Christmas letter writer, I’ve found that whether they are read or not, they are our family’s history. I include highlights of the year, our activities, and major celebrations like graduations, weddings and births. Sometimes I add a little humor, and I close with our testimony of why we celebrate Christmas by sharing our faith.

I’ve put my Christmas letters in an album with a red fabric cover and placed it on the coffee table in our living room. It’s one of the first things our family members rush to after they arrive.

Eventually some new technology will replace Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. I encourage you to write a Christmas letter; it’s a source of your family’s history for those you love.

B.J. Bassett


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Why a xmas letter? Why not a letter for someone's birthday or anniversary. I would rather get a letter written just for me then a mass produced formal type of letter.


Christmas letters are always welcome, even though they list activities of people I don't know, sometimes. The letter writer is very proud of family, or places they have traveled to. Because we don't communicate often with Christmas letter writers, it gives us a brief glimpse, allowing us to "catch up with them." My letter gets shorter every yr. Who has time to read a two page letter anymore?

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