The conservative republicans in this state love the phrase from the preamble of the U.S. Constitution, “We the people.” It is their motto.

However, they appear to believe that they are the only ones who qualify as such. If they, the clear-eyed, gun-toting, God-fearing, school-funds disdaining, vaccine hating, “People” don’t think a state senate bill is in keeping with their God-given right to do as they please, then they feel the right, nay, the obligation, to keep it from happening by any means possible.

If the majority of the citizens of Oregon — mere cattle apparently — don’t like it, then tough beans.

I do have an idea, however. The rules of the state Senate include a provision wherein a quorum of legislators must be present for a law to be voted upon. This is a good provision, as it prevents a group from gathering at a moment’s notice to pass legislation by excluding opposing views.

However, I propose that the Senate include an addendum wherein if a group of legislators simply refuses to join the quorum with the stubborn, self-righteous aim of sabotaging the democratic process, then the quorum provision should be dropped.

Scott Mendelson


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You call that an idea? Some people's kids...[smh]

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