At the moment, downed trees are causing a real problem, but all I can see is next year's firewood. I had such trouble getting firewood over the last few weeks that I ran out just as the storm hit.

Sometimes it feels like being stranded in a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean — all that water and not a drop to drink. All these trees, and not a log to be had. So two things — please, don't waste the trees and secondly, better business models for firewood sales so old folks with the money to buy wood don't end up without heat in winter.

Tobi Walker

Idleyld Park

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It wood be nice if the wood from downed trees was offered to people on food stamps who heat with wood free of charge. A good deal of the time tree trimming services and the county grinds wood up before people in need can get a chance at heat for next year's winter.

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