Every week, I receive fear-mongering mail about immigration threats and the need to repeal Oregon's Sanctuary Law. The Sanctuary Law passed the legislature 30 years ago with overwhelming approval from both sides of the aisle. Oregon's sanctuary law prohibits the use of state and local resources to enforce federal immigration law. It is intended to protect the rights of U.S. citizens of Mexican descent or other nationalities from harassment, false arrest and from utilizing Oregon's funds for implementing federal policy.

The Trump administration has whipped up anti-immigration emotions, making what has been sound policy to appear weak and ineffectual. While the numbers of immigrants have been going down, President Trump falsely claims the problem is growing rather than abating. According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, illegal border crossing apprehensions have steadily fallen since 2000.

I am proud that our state of Oregon is a sanctuary state. Ultimately it helps all Oregonians retain our precious policing resources for actual crimes. Oregon's sanctuary law does not cooperate with the illegal and corrupt procedures for intake at the borders nor abuse of immigrants. Applications for asylum seekers are being processed slowly, possibly due to cuts in staffing or perhaps as a deterrent to immigrants making applications. Our processing of immigrants must avoid the unlawful practice of apprehending people at appropriate border entry points, claiming they were attempting illegal entry or denying entry at the check-in points, forcing illegal entry, as has been claimed. Several children separated from their parents and placed in detention centers have suffered sexual and other physical abuses. The cruelty perpetrated by our federal government against people seeking safety and security in our country should not be supported by our state. I will be proud to vote to protect our sanctuary state status at the polls.

Susan Applegate


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First of all, let me say that I concur with the statements made by 'bohica13' regarding the current difficulties European countries are having due to their lax immigration policies. I lived in Europe for several years, but I was most recently in the nordic countries just last year and from discussions I had with local citizens, issues I read about in the local papers, etc, and demonstrations I witnessed first-hand, much of what he said is true. Secondly, to address Susan Applegate's article, I believe she misstates (and/or misunderstands) what the Oregon sanctuary law is about. US citizens (of hispanic or other descent) do not need the protection of a 'sanctuary'; they have the rights that all US citizens have. The sanctuary law specifically refuses to recognize, and deliberately avoids, the determination of what a person's citizenship status is, by refusing to cooperate with Federal authorities whose job it is to determine just that and deport those who do not have a right to be here. Now, I'm a big supporter of state's rights (and individual citizen's rights), but laws that are enacted on the state and local levels are all subordinate to the collective federal laws of The United States of America. Sorry if you don't like it, but you won't find any country on earth that is set up any differently. Here's a thought for you...since you want YOUR ideas to take precedent over all others, how about declaring your own home and property a 'sanctuary', and welcoming all comers who say they need your protection there? Sorry, no fair screening them to ascertain if they truly are in need of your 'sanctuary'. And YOU can help them, personally, by providing them with food, clothing, shelter, education, healthcare, etc until you can find them a job that earns a 'living wage', at YOUR expense. And in case some criminal-types sneak through, you might just have to think about how you're going to handle the expense of prosecuting & incarcerating them, too. And if you're their victim, sorry, no compensation to you, since they're YOUR guests.


Mass immigration without restraint has caused host countries like France, Sweden, Germany, Canada in particular TREMENDOUS spikes in crime especially rape by Muslim men. Huge numbers of unskilled workers flood these countries and DEMAND free benefits, and riot when they don't receive them. They DEMAND Sharia law be adopted, and REFUSE to accept local laws and customs. They refuse to learn the native languages, and DEMAND the local schools teach the Koran in predominantly Christian countries. Sweden has FINALLY decided they've had enough, and is deporting thousands of their criminal do nothing
immigrant slackers who are BTW mostly young adult males NOT children. This is happening in these countries BECAUSE of attitudes like YOURS. It didn't work there, and it WILL NOT work here. I will resist it at EVERY turn. Common sense demands this!


I hate to tell you this put breaking any law that is on the books is an actual crime. Jay walking is an actual crime, using a cell phone while driving is an actual crime and entering this country illegally is also an actual crime. My condolences to the family of Mollie Tibbets who was murdered.


Mogie! What happened to your keyboard.
You have been hacked.
It is possible that you noticed that many girls in America are murdered.
In that day, week, or month.
Many many girls are killed by US CITIZENS. ..and yet you want to focus on THIS one undocumented individual.
Your scientific mind must be aware of the multiple SERIAL killers that are US citizens. ..I think you got sucked onto the vortex of the hate machine


Since when does offering your condolences to the family of a murder victim make you part of a hate machine? Wow I feel sorry for anyone that sees that as a form of hate. Interesting how someone with an opinion different then yours is labeled like that.


Just more ignorant labels lefties put on people, and topics they have no knowledge base to engage in decent conversation about. Ignore it! ANY contrary opinion is HATE SPEECH! LOL!

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