I understand the writers principle of "one-person-one-vote," but I disagree that it is always fair. The Constitutional framers included the electoral college to satisfy lower population colonies' fears that they would be controlled by big cities like New York. And that is exactly what is happening 240 years later at the state and county level in Oregon and I suspect elsewhere as well.

I moved here 24 years ago and while I vote in every election, have never successfully voted for our governor. So of course I am a Republican and a conservative like many in Douglas County.

Last year Kate Brown was elected by seven Oregon counties, while 29 rural counties voted against her. In 2016 she was elected by the same seven counties and she lost in the same 29 counties. The same thing happens on most ballot issues, as they are often controlled by liberals and Democrats in and around Portland.

Big-city issues are not always rural issues, but big cities control most issues and elections to statewide offices. As a result of voter frustration in rural counties, there is a movement in 23 Northern California counties and three or four Southern Oregon counties to create a 51st State of Jefferson.

If Oregon passes restrictive gun control measures similar to what California has done, that may push Southern Oregonians into the State of Jefferson. The electoral college may not be perfectly fair, but neither is our current situation.

William Miller


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Mr. Miller doesn't understand the Electoral College doesn't apply to State elections, only Federal elections. My opinion is to abolish the Electoral College, as I'd prefer my one vote to apply to the candidate I vote for rather than someone I don't know and didn't choose to vote for me. The Electoral College has been corrupted by what's called Faithless Electorates, those who vote how they want instead of representing voters. One Person, One Vote. Count em up, Declare a Winner. Once the Electoral College, all gerrymandering, and voter suppression laws are abolished, Americans can then vote with a certainty that their vote actually counts.


My opinion is to keep the current Electoral College as the way to balance the will of the country.

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