Incumbent county commissioners are getting lots of campaign contributions. When did large timber companies start doing good things for you? A job maybe, but only if you had a union to fight for safe and good working conditions every step of the way.

Yet they must be doing a great job. Let's see, are they keeping within the funds the county gets, or are they just spending more? Did they sell timber from county parks when it was at an all time low and lose about $1,000 per truck load? Did they keep the libraries open? No, they just gave it away to someone else. Yet they charge us to use parks and boat ramps.

If we keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting a change, this is called insanity. We need someone who can say "No" to tax-free grants that incumbents have been giving away. We need a change before they start raising new ways to get more money out of us to pay for their mistakes.

Elect someone else.

John DeRoss


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