When one considers life in the United State of America, we think of our freedom and our sense of security.

We have a threat to both freedom and security: The Jordan Cove LNG pipeline, owned by Pembina, a Canadian company. They have many advertisements on television and the internet right now. It all sounds good, but please consider the fact they are a Canadian-backed company. Pembina wants to transport liquid gas through our land to export overseas. The only benefit of this pipeline will be to add to the wealth of Pembina of Canada.

This company is prepared to take our land using eminent domain. Pembina wants to force Americans to give them our land. So where is our freedom? Our government will not stop them. Our local commissioners are in favor of this travesty. So where is our security?

This should never be allowed to happen in the United State of America.

Carol Munch

Camas Valley

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