Jordan Cove sent me another slick mailer saying they were my friends. It is hard to listen to the radio and watch TV without more fancy advertisements extolling the virtues of this project. Please remember three important points in this matter:

First, in an extremely rare act, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission under the previous administration killed this proposal because of the failure of the company to secure markets and the refusal of landowners to sell a right of way. As soon as Donald Trump was elected, the Jordan Cove project rose from the grave like a zombie.

Second, sometime in February FERC will release a Draft Environmental Impact Study, or DEIS. Until we see this DEIS we will not know specifically what they propose. Jordan Cove is a pig in a poke until then.

Finally, a poll released in February by Policy Interactive showed that around the state only 8% were strongly in favor of Jordan Cove. 37% were strongly opposed, hence the public relations blitz. As long as a majority of landowners refuse to sell a right of way, and the environmental community is ready to go to court, this project will remain a slobbering zombie purchasing politicians and air time.

The reason for the public relations razzle-dazzle is the corporation behind Jordan Cove knows as soon as a new administration takes office this project goes back into its grave, where the energy market will drive a stake through its heart.

Richard Chasm


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I find their ads, fliers, commercials insulting. Do they think we can’t see through their (not so) slick ads?


Had to laugh at the glossy flier which depicted what it described as friends and neighbors. I don't know about you all, but my neighbors do not look like something out of central casting- slim, young and classy. Au contraire, my neighbors are overweight, kinda old and, shall we say, not on the best-dressed list.

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