I have spent many days and nights in many of the mountains in Oregon. All anyone has to do is go up on a high spot and look in any direction to see the many clearcuts.

Does Eric Geyer not believe water runoff from these can cause ditches and bring mud into streams? Why doesn't he take some trips to the Umpqua rivers when they are in "flood" stage, as I have, and see that these are "mud" pits.

I keep asking how do any of the fish consume all of the runoff and survive?

Why doesn't Geyer go to Cleveland Rapids and Stewart Park after the rivers have gone down and see all of the "trash" that is left all up and down on the river banks.

This is all that can be seen, so can't Geyer realize what went down the rivers that can't be seen?

The Calahans are absolutely loaded with "Deep red" ditches in the clearcuts ending in the road ditches. People would love to swim in streams during the hot summers, but this is not possible because of the contamination.

I have pictures taken north of here of a helicopter spreading fertilizer and coming in to be filled again. I ask the driver of the dump truck what he has in the bed of the truck and he said fertilizer. Does Geyer think fertilizer, mud and trash is beneficial in keeping the streams full of fish?

In the mountains, I see small trees being burned in "slash burns" left from clearcuts, which should have been left to grow. We need wood products, so do not clearcut, thin and leave small trees to grow. Why waste?

Every time I see a new clearcut I say, "There goes more whatever into our streams."

Neva Gray Haley


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Sediment (mud to you) is actually healthy for rivers, the wildlife (particularly) the bugs and fish...
The upper North Umpqua has become pretty devoid of such healthy materials needed for a healthy fishery. ;-)

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