In Carisa Cegavske's article published in The News-Review on Thursday, April 19, Chris Boice challenged Jeremy Salter's credibility about supporting the Second Amendment by stating that 2016 commissioner candidate Victoria Hawks "is a vocal anti-second amendment person." His statement is totally false. He should have checked the facts.

Victoria is not anti-gun; she owns firearms, has competed in competition shoots and has trophies hanging in our home. Her parents were avid hunters, and her step-father made it clear to her: "If you need more than one shot to kill your prey, you shouldn't be hunting." She supports the portion of the amendment about a "well regulated militia." However, she doesn't believe semi- and fully-automatic weapons of war should be owned by anyone other than law enforcement and military personnel.

Salter is a former U.S. Marine (once a Marine, always a Marine) and has a different view of the Second Amendment than Victoria. The statement made by Salter's opponent appears to indicate that a person with a different opinion than a candidate should not be able to support them. Or is he worried voters he expected to vote for him may now want to vote for Jeremy, who values all voters' points of view?

My wife and I both support Jeremy Salter for county commissioner, even if, on some topics, our opinions differ. We hope others will vote for Jeremy, too.

David Hawks


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Sport hunting is cruel and immoral, yet it is a billion dollar industry in America. Killing for the pleasure of killing is something done almost entirely by people who are well-off, and who care nothing about the sacredness of life. Hunting for food, however, is justified. But it is certainly nothing to take pride in. Any moron can shoot a deer or exterminate a buffalo herd using a rifle.

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