I enjoyed reading the recent editorial about PERS reform.

One thing that I have yet to see the press report or acknowledge is that there are a lot of public employees who contribute the 6 percent IAP amounts instead of being in a situation where the employer picks up the 6 percent. Either way, if it is legislated that PERS can redirect that money that would have gone to IAPs to reducing the PERS unfunded liability, these public employees will lose out in a big way.

I am in the group of PERS employees who do contribute 6 percent as opposed to the employer 6 percent pick-up, so I feel especially assaulted by the prospect of this legislation.

Imagine the state coming up to you and everyone you know with their hands held out, demanding 6 percent of your gross wages. That seems like robbery/theft or taxation. Furthermore, I have yet to hear a plan for a tax credit of any sort for people in this situation. The legislation seems ill-conceived or at least did not consider the unintended consequences.

I will never see a huge payday when I retire. I've resolved that this is OK, but I don't in any situation believe that the 6 percent redirect "solution" is OK as proposed by Sen. Kruse.

Martha Joyce


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If PERS is in so much trouble, then why did the Governor just give RAISES to all of her cronies in the Employment of the State?


Give me a break! I also am a PERS retiree but I at least admit there are several problems. The amount PERS people get to retire on is a very good amount of money. Suck it up and stop whining. PERS is bankrupting this state. It needs to be reformed/changed now. If PERS was really concerned about people they would let folks that don't want to be in that union opt out. But last time I checked that wasn't even an option. You become a PERS member even if you don't want to be one. Some of us were concerned about the PERS price tag and tried to stay out of that mess. But we were in the minority and were ignored. Some of us did try to buck the system but were told NO.


Martha your comment is well thought out and professinally presents a true and important point, I am in total agreement with you. Don't know Mogie but the comment left by this person really doesn't address your comment, and seems to be an impulsive and negative rant. It would be interesting to see who paid their 6%. And by the way, I haven't seen a positive comment made by this person on this website yet. Mogie seems to be a negative drama poster, lets have some more true points like Martha presented. Go Martha!


Despite your protestations and negativity you are still prepared to take their money though. Hypocritical much?


After thinking about it I remembered forming a political action committee whose sole mission it was to keep an eye on how tax payer money was spent by the school district. Also formed an unofficial group that got a regular person (not a pro-school person but pro-tax payer) elected to the Winston school board. And did that all without one penny of pay and on my own dime. So I have done more then my share of giving back mystery dude.


Also attended school board meetings and recorded those meetings on our camcorder (not the new kind the old ones that were as big as a suitcase). We didn't even have any kids but wanted to know where and who spent the tax dollars. We made those tapes (of the school board meetings) and loaned them to whoever wanted to see what went to. We were even approached at a school board meeting by a school employee who told us since we didn't have kids we had no reason to be there! So I have done a lot for no pay. It is called volunteering and this world would be a better place if everyone did something and not just complain.

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