It was rewarding to read The News-Review’s editorial about the inflammatory and misleading statement invoking the murder of Mollie Tibbets as a case in point in the letter signed by 16 sheriffs in Oregon regarding Measure 105, repealing the state’s 31-year old sanctuary law. Politicians, including the President, often use such tactics to garner support. The public either blindly accepts them as true or shakes their heads in disbelief.

Kudos to The News-Review for challenging the sheriffs’ letter and countering the statement with statistics that show crime rates are far lower among undocumented immigrants than they are among our legitimate citizens.

Ada Duncan


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Yes, Momos, you're right. Those who knowingly hire undocumented workers are breaking the law, too, should be held accountable. Mind you, there are those illegals using forged and/or stolen identity documents, in a effort to deceive employers trying to abide by the law. But for those employers who just want the cheapest labor they can find, and don't even try to comply with the law, they are part of the problem and should be held accountable. This is just one more reason why our immigration laws need to be replaced with ones that work for us. 'Merit-based' immigration laws would address many of our problems with immigration issues. And there's no reason that good immigration laws can't include a 'guest worker' status for those that want to work in the US, for those jobs we can't find enough US citizens to do. It can be accomplished through legal and lawful means, if Congress would just address the issues instead of just kicking the can down the road year after year. Hm-m-m....wonder what the reason could be that they don't??? Could it have something to do with (drug cartel) money & (hispanic family) votes? One last observation about the 'statistics' quoted in the editorial: The Cato Institute and the Pew Research Center are institutions of the Left, and their 'statistics' usually reflect their bias. What is often more telling in their 'statistics' is what their 'over-generalizations' don't say. For instance, since we only have loose estimates of how many illegal & undocumented persons are actually in this country, how are they're able to determine what percentage are involved in criminal activity? I presume they're using a 'statistical' sampling and does that sampling primarily utilize women & children in their survey, skewing the results toward low criminal activity rates? Those here illegally understandably want to keep a low profile and avoid the law, so aren't likely to want to be included in a survey. Besides, plenty of crimes go unreported, unsolved and/or the criminal is never apprehended (especially crimes of theft, abuse, trafficking of drugs, firearms, and sex trafficking of women & children, etc). So these criminals are not necessarily 'in the system' and no records can be found for use in their 'statistical' calculations. And I would want to start with a definition of the term 'undocumented' being used...which is not necessarily being used as just the 'p.c.' term for those who are here illegally. Statistics can be manipulated in a variety of ways, to support whatever interpretation is desired. Both sides do it, and only present those 'statistics' that favor their position. Carefully scrutiny is required, and the source must be considered. I'm not surprised that the editorial piece done by the News-Telegram, which cited the statistics referenced in this letter, used these sources.


American I like the guest worker idea. I would like to hear ideas tossed around in congress concerning this. It is sad that this issue is part of the political game and not being taken seriously.


But it is also true that now we must prosecute and incarcerate the employers that hire undocumented workers. There, fixed it for you.


You are right anyone that hires someone who is undocumented is part of the problem too.


Actually, Ada Duncan, both facts are true. 1) a violent criminal killed an innocent girl, and 2) he is also here in the country illegally. You're suggesting that the second fact is irrelevant. And indeed, we have plenty of our own 'home-grown' violent criminals, committing such terrible crimes. But it is also true that now we must prosecute and incarcerate a criminal who should not have even been here in the first place, at great cost to the taxpayers. While we must pay to deal with the former, we would not have to pay to deal with later, if it can be significantly prevented by having a more secure border and immigration policy.

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