Since November 2018 the Superintendent and the Winston-Dillard School District Board of Directors have refused to answer questions regarding their proposed general obligation bond. They have refused public records request, to respond to phone calls and emails, and will not meet with taxpayers to discuss the GO Bond. They have even acknowledged this in their March WDSD Board of Directors minutes.

As such there is no recourse but to bring to light the questions they are unwilling to respond:

  1. What is the WDSD Board of Directors and administration’s role in educating about (and not advocating) the GO bond?
  2. With whom is the WDSD Board of Directors working with as consultants and why?
  3. Who is the Bond counsel?
  4. What is the interest that has to be paid on the GO Bond?
  5. What is the interest rate for the GO Bond?
  6. What is the credit rating for the WDSD?
  7. A copy of the board resolutions for or against a ballot measure
  8. When was the public forum provided by the WDSD to discuss the GO Bond?

Why are the Superintendent/WDSD Board of Directors purposefully refusing to answer questions regarding the GO Bond they are attempting to impose on the citizens of Winston? Why is the Superintendent/WDSD Board of Directors purposely refusing to answer public records requests regarding information pertaining to the GO Bond they are proposing?

This is the very definition of a lack of transparency. When you read about school districts in which financial malfeasance occurs, it almost always mimics the same lack of transparency and disdain for the tax-payers being demonstrated by the Superintendent/WDSD Board of Directors.

I and many others in the community have no faith in the fiduciary responsibility and the fiscal management capabilities of the Superintendent and the current WDSD Board of Directors to handle the amount of money, in which the GO Bond would raise.

Robert Guy


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