On Christmas I'm channeling my inner Frank Costanza who was made famous on the classic TV sitcom "Seinfeld", to celebrate his imaginary holiday - "Festivus"; "to air my grievances"...!

Mine is: Every member of the U.S. Senate and Congress deserves to be run out of town on a proverbial rail. President Jefferson said on his last day in office; If it weren't for the notoriety of being ridden out of town on a rail - I'd rather walk. Today there's AmTrack, which Amway distributers could run better...but I digress.

These people sold us down the river by voting for a, miserable excuse for a “COVID relief bill” that sends twenty-five million dollars to Pakistan for “gender programs,” millions to the Kennedy Center (again), some more to AmTrack to keep it rolling, Vietnam relief boondoggle, Junior Colleges that no one's attending, along with billions more world wide, but a miserly six hundred bucks to you-the terminally-masked, locked down citizens since seemingly the Paleolithic Age.

These millionaire "public servants", who've been around since before the aforementioned Paleolithic Age, SUDDENLY—as if discovering its Christmas —agreed with President Trump that the paltry six hundred bucks should be at least a palatable two thousand, and Nancy Pelosi rejoiced with Festivus Glee!

"Festivus, for the rest of us" Frank heralded out his kitchen window while lamenting his various woes!

I believe the only decent people in this country are those who are not crackpots living on yachts in D.C. The people living outside that swamp are in turmoil, restaurants closing, people struggling without unemployment (Governor Brown still hasn't fixed that) while Vietnam gets more "Stimulus" than all the people in Oregon! Outrageous!

"Festivus, for the rest of us..."!

Wayne Medley


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