Produce prices may see a healthy increase

For those of you who believe that prices of produce reflect the health of the farming industry, I point out that during Trump’s four years the price of grains, soybeans in particular, trended below the price of the two years prior to his presidency. Prices started to move higher in August of this year, probably in anticipation of ‘regime change’, and now are poised to break above the range of the last several years. Most of the grains show a similar pattern. And take a look at lumber prices while you are at it.

By next summer it may be a topic of more general conversation. Stay tuned.

But markets like predictability. Most people prefer the same, too.

President Biden is going to try to put in place a long overdue infrastructure plan for our country. It will mean new roads, bridges, and new sources of power, electrification of vehicles, etc. It will mean many new jobs in many new industries that are the future of the world. These jobs will put money into people’s pockets and in turn they will purchase those things that farmers and loggers grow and produce. Please let your representatives know that you support working people and tell them to support the coming infrastructure plan. It will be good for rural areas in general and Douglas County, too. Thank you.

Gregory Hickey

Days Creek

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