I bought my house during COVID and met with the home owner a few days before we finalized my purchase. The ceremonial last walk through. I showed up with my mask and a baggie of sani wipes. She stormed at me maskless, “I'm not wearing a mask, that virus is a hoax to get “us” to vaccinate!” I frowned in my minds eye, exhaled visibly and thought, oh my, does she think shouting will change the science?

I asked my mother what I might say to people to educate them without insulting their intelligence. She is far more the diplomat than I . She said, tell them about your sister.

My sister caught Polio (an RNA Virus) 3 months before the Salk vaccines distribution. Deb was put in an isolation ward and my mother took her other two children, age 3months and eighteen months to visit her daily.

My sister was behind glass security doors with other children who were infected. Deb cried for my mother to take her home. My mother said, “That about killed me.” My sister was lucky, she survived with a mild malformation of her left foot, she wore leg braces for a while and eventually, came home.

Some of the children in the ward died. Like Covid, another RNA driven virus, many patients experience long term effects.

My sister has post polio syndrome, she is often in excruciating pain, cannot sleep in her bed, and once tried to kill herself. I called the authorities when I found her sitting in her lounge chair staring vacantly,

with a photo album of her children on her lap and an empty pill bottle beside her. Later we found a brochure under her bed, 100 ways to kill yourself.

In case your wrong and science is right, get vaccinated.

Tracy Reid


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