“Loving the truth” doesn’t mean that you have to be perfect. On the contrary, it means that you are willing to acknowledge your errors and commit to a change when you realize that you have left the pathway of honesty. It also means that you refuse to be moved when you know you stand on “hallowed ground”. Truth can be found in “the best of times” and truth can be found in “the worst of times”.

2020 has been defined by an insidious attack on the truth (and on those of us who love the truth). Truth has been censored, suppressed, and distorted, and the speakers of truth have been harassed and “canceled”. Our nation has entered “the worst of times”, but even now, at the end of this “year from hell”, with the biggest political deception of all time hanging in the balance, there is hope.

The latest Rasmussen poll establishes that approximately 50% of all voters in this country believe that the results of the 2020 presidential election are most likely illegitimate and most certainly questionable. 63% of all Republican voters believe that Trump won. When all voters are included, the number is 29%. Other polls approximate these numbers. Therefore, nearly one third of this nation’s voters believe that Trump won…and the number is growing. So is the over-whelming body of evidence that points to wide-spread election fraud. This is not going away!

Our nation’s elected officials can not lead without the “consent of the people”, and in the end, this Constitutional truth will take precedence over everything else. Our Legislative and Judicial branches of government are going to be forced to go where they have never gone before. Donald Trump will not concede this election to Joe Biden, and Joe Biden will never have the people’s consent…period.

Todd Vaughn


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