After watching the news it came to me that too many Americans are playing Russian Roulette with five (5) bullets in the chamber.

Scientists keep trying to save our lives by finding sensible solutions to combat the coronavirus, yet so many out there are still fighting for their freedom to not have to wear a mask.

Freedom from what? What about the the rights of those who are dong the right thing to protect themselves and others? Do you think it's an infringement on your rights because we want to live? Do you not think about the loved ones in your circle of life that you are endangering because your ego is getting in the way of sensibility?

Not wearing a mask decision is making a stand for ignorance that keeps us all prisoners of this pandemic. You may think that a mask is an infringement on your freedom of speech or whatever, but when a solution this simple could keep you from attending a funeral for someone who means the world to you, or even having yourself in that coffin, you might want reconsider your reasoning.

I beg of you, please use common sense so we can get back to living a more normal life out there. We may have to wear these masks for a long time, but it's better than being six feet underground and not being able to have any freedom left.

Kay Anderson


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