In the year 1944 I received a letter from our president, Harry S. Truman, that said: "Greetings. You will report for a pre-induction physical," which I failed to pass. I was declared "4F," which meant that I was unfit for service.

Then, after six months and another exam, I qualified for duty in the U.S. Army.

The reason I cite this occurrence is as I was thinking about our president's problems. Do you recall during the Obama administration how the IRS, under Lois Lerner, had been auditing all the tax-deductable donations from the conservatives, while today we have a similar situation in performance of those in control of the programs of Silicon Valley media in censoring the conservative programs that do not fit their liberal bias.

Therefore, in my opinion, they aren't "4F4 in as much they are frantically flatter on their fables and fuminating about reality and frustrated that they cannot get their programs to reflect reality.

Is it any wonder they are fearfully floundering trying to forget the past with nothing formidable for our future?

Fred Nelson


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