My dear friend was always here for everyone with strength, open arms and a helpful hand. She ran the show, and her days were filled finding joy in life. She brought smiles to everyone who watched her dance; she was truly an inspiration. As an early riser, we could always depend on seeing her walking with dancing steps down the sidewalk, looking for ways to lend a helping hand. She stayed at the hospital for hours to lift suffering souls. She reached out to many charities and worked for hours cooking for the needy. Her hand was always out for anyone who needed help.

Sherry was one of the most vibrant souls to walk this Earth, yet we know she was weary and needed a night's rest to gain her strength for the next day of giving. You could never miss her in a crowd. Her light shown so brightly and her love of life was contagious. She saw to it that we all knew we were special to her. As she danced away, her words, "Love you," rang out loud and clear.

We cannot understand why this vibrant, giving and loving soul would be taken from this world so early. We know in our hearts that God must have been so impressed by this giant soul, he took her to Heaven to greet and guide all souls. With great sadness we have to let her go, but we will forever hear her words, ”Love you". Those words will always keep her alive in our hearts.

Goodbye to our beloved Sherry McCurdy. May she continue her joyous dance way high above us and shine her bright light down upon all whom she touched here on Earth, forever.

Caryl Jordan Baum


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