If the addition of bike lanes was beneficial to a majority of people, bicyclists might have a point. As it is, there is zero evidence that bike infrastructure benefits anyone but cyclists, which means pedestrians are endangered, traffic is snarled and entire communities imposed upon to clear a path for 1% of residents who ride regularly — weather permitting, that is.

Old folks who are attempting to cross the street are but wrinkly, silver-haired pylons on the imaginary racetrack of the handle-barbarians, and woe betide the senior citizen whose leisurely saunter stands in the way of the cyclist’s personal record.

To be sure, a city has a responsibility to make cyclists as safe as possible. But it simply isn’t possible to make them entirely safe. Like it or not, street space is finite, intersections exist and motor vehicles aren’t disappearing. Biking on city streets will always be a dangerous gamble.

The governor's elite ideological kinship with the bike lobby may also explain why she wants to allow bike aficionados to wander through red lights, stop signs and ignore yield signs while challenging vehicles to the same space. Which is pretty much equal to the cyclists’ lawless behavior most of have seen, and received the middle finger of recognition for, after a near collision is avoided while bikers shout platitudes at ­bewildered drivers. Put another way, every "problem" caused by cyclist irresponsibility is reason to grant a new concession — to the bike lobby.

It’s why the various proposals intended to increase cyclist safety never include, well, safe cycling. It's time to license, test and tax bicyclists for the privilege of operating on public streets. Davis, California licenses bikes at $12 a year. Bicycle traffic violations can result in $200 fines. Go figure.

Wayne Medley


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Wayne Medley is a certified clown. Your car will soon be obsolete. No one will take pity on you.

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