McCain’s passing is a test for Trump

John McCain died Saturday after many months of treatment for brain cancer. It makes me sad to hear of his passing. I am of an age that has followed Senator McCain’s life and career. In recent times he has been a voice for civility and respect. His passing marks a time in our nations history that must not be forgotten. John McCain survived the first war in our nations history that can accurately be called a defeat.

We have made many mental contortions as a nation to avoid that fact, and many issues have resulted from those years of that war and the sides taken by the people of our nation.

John McCain was a voice of moderation.

Our current president has made a point to avoid the mention of Senator McCain due to the criticism Senator McCain leveled at the candidate who became president.

How Mr. Trump handles his duty in these coming days, with regard to the passing of Senator John McCain, will be a sure test of character.

I hope his followers can see what happens.

I hope for the best. I wish Mr. Trump would finally concede to the forces of good.

Gregory Hickey

Days Creek

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