As a downtown business owner for over 14 years, I look forward to seeing our downtown business district streetscape adorned in holiday decorations, usually put up by Thanksgiving weekend. This may be the first year the spirit has left downtown Roseburg.

The Downtown Roseburg Association has always, as long as I can remember, been responsible for decorating or coordinating our downtown.

After attending a recent City of Roseburg Council meeting, I learned this nonprofit organization has coordinated holiday decor in the downtown district for many years, per a contract they hold with the City of Roseburg.

Where are the handmade wreaths on the city poles I saw last year and the snowflake decorations that were on the Oak Street bridge? Maybe we could get a notice of what's going on? A cry for help? Something? Anything?

This is embarrassing. Many downtowns, for as long as I remember, have some sort of decorations in their district. I love my business and customers, and they too have made complaints and questioned the same thing.

This makes my business look bad. I am a business owner in a district that is in sorry looking shape for the holidays.

Our small town feel is lost.

Maria Crince


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because of attitude and political correctness! I won't shop Roseburg til they put up the Christmas decorations and add the cheer! And well over about 50k of us feel the same, so get busy! ask people to make them or drag them out of whereever you have buried them!


Totally agree this city used to be so beautiful at Christmas time i am not sure if they are just too cheap and greedy to decorate or if it is politically driven either way it looks like Zombie Burg not Roseburg. City Officials need to do better!

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