In response to "Trump is not our president" by Melanie Hill. I’m flabbergasted that Ms. Hill has the clairvoyance after only 30 days to predict the legally nominated President Trump, his agenda and what will happen? I spent almost three decades in the U.S. military and worked through numerous Commanders in Chief I cared very little about, Obama being one of them. But, as we learned in history classes during my life it’s respect for the office — no one said you had to like the person.

Quick update on Ms. Hill’s letter snippets; we liberals do not accept Trump as our president; Trump is not a president for everyone, I agree get over it. The White House, with his treasonous actions with Russia and his corrupt cronies, fake news — get over it. This will go down as the most corrupt administration in U.S. history but it’s only 30 days and you’re predicting four years. Very wrong.

I was in the Gulf War (the first one). We lost a lot of good U.S. soldiers. Then after 9/11 we wind up back in the same arena and your Mr. Obama has sold to the same countries in which we’ve spilled blood for this great country.

Now 10 facts without getting into specifics: Obama created but didn’t heal our racial tensions; his stimulus didn’t stimulate and it was financed entirely with debt; financial reform (Dodd-Frank) didn’t reform; Obamacare is a boondoggle 10-20 percent of the 32 million who didn’t have coverage; failure to reform immigration; he withdrew prematurely from Iraq (so eager to reverse G. W. Bush he totally ignored the country as new terrorist threats re-established); he blew the Arab Spring (I’ll let you research that one); he ignored the threat of a resurgent Russian dictatorship; all talk, he didn’t shut down Guantanamo Bay or keep the NSA from spying or rein in the drones; and made America irrelevant.

Most of Obama’s failures result, not from taking a bold stand, but from taking no stand and letting events drift away. The only ideals the far left and far right (Saul Alinsky fans) have offered up is speculation, no more, no less.

Spewing words such as he’s like Hitler, racist and misogynist are hurtful words from U.S. citizens who didn’t like the outcome of our electoral system which was great in your minds until now. Myself and others would rather all you Trump-haters take a pottery or yoga class because you don’t respect the Office of the Presidency or the safety of our wonderful country. In conclusion, if they fail, you have the right to say “I told you so” but if they succeed everyone wins.

Dennis P. Zellner, USN(Ret), PhD


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More than once while writing a letter criticizing Trump, I have been tempted to include some negative report about him which I have heard from some liberal source. However, I have gone to the non-partisan fact checking site called "Snopes," found that the report was false, and (of course) not used it.
Mogie, it's your turn now. On the internet go to "snopes" and put in just "la razza." The first hit is a long, well-researched article giving the evidence that the whole business about Judge Curiel belonging to a hate group is false. Turns out that two different organizations are sometimes known as "La Razza," but the evidence given by Snopes shows that neither one is a hate group which advocates death to Americans. These days you simply cannot believe all the junk that tries to pass itself off as true. The only apparent reason for Trump's attacks on this Latino Federal Judge is Trump's obvious racism.


Well, you know, "philosopher kings" are starting to sound like a good idea, but they probably don't make them like thy used to.


Although I am sure that Mr. Zellner is being honest in expressing his beliefs, I disagree with many of them. Here a few:
First, Ms Hill was not just complaining in her letter but doing her duty as a citizen to challenge, rather than ignore, things which she finds unacceptable or even dangerous in our leaders. Second, no one is saying that Trump IS Hitler, but you cannot deny that during his campaign he used some of the tactics employed throughout history by many of the world's dictators during their rise to power: striving to intensify people's fears and hatreds, endlessly repeating nationalistic slogans, whipping up his rally crowds toward violence and the expulsion of anyone who disagreed with him, etc.
Saying that President Obama was responsible for creating the racism that surrounded his presidency implies the belief that Obama himself was responsible for having been born Black, as well as the fact that racists hated him for being elected President. Here Mr. Zellner has reversed the source of the racism and its victim.
I do not understand how any educated person can claim that Trump is not a misogynist when he boasted about grabbing the genitals of unwilling women, or not a racist when he claimed that a U.S. federal judge was not qualified because he is Latino.
In general, we should all try to view the world as it really is, rather than through the perspective of some alternate reality such as the one created by ultra right-wing media.


If Trump is a misogynist for grabbing a women's genitals what does that make Cliton for having sex with a girl? One reason Trump didn't think the federal judge was qualified was because the group he (the judge) belonged to advocated the death of US citizens (I watched the video of a young man screaming about breeding new little people who would be groomed in the fight against Amercians. A fight that he hoped ended in American death. Trump was opposed to the judge belonging to such as radical and evil group.


The name of the group is La Raza. They believe that most of the western US belongs to Mexico and advocate the overthrow and death of US citizens to take that land back. They also stated that making English the official language of the US is basically the same as the KKK is to black people. Advocating violence is NOT the tactic of a responsible group. Just like advocating destruction of private or public property is NOT the tactic of any responsible protestor.


Mogie, two wrongs don't make a right, or do they in your book? Honest research is a tool that people need to start using.


Thank you for your service. I truly admire your service to our country. Although Obama was by no means perfect, I think you go a little overboard with the hyperbole. Worse than all other presidents combined? Here's some accomplishments with a congress dead set on saying no to anything he proposed, even if it was something they themselves had proposed before.


Nice letter Dennis. Thank you!

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