The News-Review wrote an article about former Winston mayor Ken Barrett, and it quotes some of his wife's statements when she testified in court asking for mercy for Barrett's "stupid mistake."

She described her husband, "He's bipolar and lives in a fantasy world," She said. "Bipolars don't have judgment ability."

I take issue with her statements; she is clearly uninformed. 

She stated her husband "is bipolar." Wouldn't it be more accurate to say someone "has bipolar disorder" rather than he "is" bipolar? Similarly, it would be more accurate to say that someone has low thyroid rather than saying that they are low thyroid.

She continues to say "He lives in a fantasy world," and "bipolars don't have judgment ability."

Her husband is a person with bipolar disorder, but he is not his disorder. People can live in a fantasy world but have no mood disorder like those who suffer with bipolar disorder. Also, people can have poor judgment and not have bipolar disorder.

I do not condone Mr. Barrett's behavior. However, living in today's society, it is important to educate ourselves to understand mood disorders rather than judging someone who struggles unfairly. 

Margaret Rammage


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