My purpose is to expose the state of Oregon's overreaction in the 1970s to hippies and veterans protesting the Vietnam War. The state of Oregon went as far as changing the state constitution so more people could be convicted and removed from the streets. Our people have suffered under this non-unanimous jury law long enough. Convicting anyone close to be guilty expedited the court cases of the undesired and anyone protesting the state's exclusionary laws.

The only defense was that we were not the only state. Now that the good people of Louisiana have realized their wrongful bias convictions of the past and voted that racial law out, the state of Oregon is the only swamp of injustice left in the great United States that administers that law. When the U.S. Supreme Court overturns this law this week our state should show the sensitivity and sense of justice to make things right.

When a law has been used to control our people by removing and limiting our normal rights of national justice we must stand together to make amends. When we release our Oregonians, let's embrace them and help them come back to their lives. I've been an Oregonian since 1969, and I will be a proud citizen if we do this right.

Jerry Heinecke


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