For several weeks now, several letters to the editor relating to the Sutherlin Safe Schools $42.5 million bond, Measure 10-163, have appeared in The News-Review. All that I have read are outspokenly in support of the bond measure and clearly state the writers reasoning. However, each of them, with one exception, seem to have been written by the same person, as the reasons justifying these writers' support for positions are nearly identical and taken from the school board's website for Sutherlin Safe Schools.

Outspoken community support for schools is and has been a fundamental American tradition for a long time and is a laudatory position by parents, teachers, community leaders and, of course, students alike. When this support requires a reasonable financial commitment, generally the community pitches in and provides the means willingly. Reasonable financial commitment are the key words in this case.

When it requires a $42.5 million community commitment for only residents of Sutherlin who own property, who will be forced pay property taxes for 30 years (substantially less than the ten thousand total residents), then it becomes an unreasonable financial commitment.  Also when you realize non-property-owning residents with children will be voting "Yes," and it will not cost them one red cent to pay for this multi-year $42.5 million school bond measure.

Sutherlin's senior citizen property-owning residents are going to be hit hard financially with substantially increased property taxes if this bond measure passes.

Please think before you vote, but please vote.

R.D. Scarborough


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