Do people really understand what progressive liberalism is? For one thing, it no longer views self-preservation as a rational goal of the nation. It insists that self preservation and national security must be subordinate to openness and diversity. However, if this carries a risk to our national security, shouldn’t we be a bit concerned?

Progressives proclaim their commitment to diversity almost daily when they claim that diversity is our strength. Or does it promote racial and ethnic division instead of resembling what prevents a successful government?

Political correctness should have stopped over three decades ago, but Republicans refused to stop it. Too many Republicans were convinced that they could use affirmative action to their advantage. Instead they were never able to mount an effective opposition. Today, Republicans are implicated as being racist along with a host of so-called irrational prejudices. Sadly, they join the Democrats in denouncing Trump’s violations of political correctness.

Any clear-thinking observer can see that compassion is not a sound basis for either foreign policy or immigration policy. Compassion is more likely to lead to contempt than gratitude in both areas. The American people can, of course, consent to allow others to join the compact that created the American nation, but they have the sovereign right to specify the terms and conditions for granting entry and the qualifications for citizenship.

I loved President Reagan, but he used the same type of rhetoric when he signed the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, which gave amnesty to three million illegal aliens. It was touted as a humane way of dealing with illegal immigration. It was supposed to be a one-time-only fix for a stronger border, which was naive at best. Compassion is more likely to lead to contempt than gratitude.

Gary Oilar


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Gary, what are you afraid of exactly? What is so very scary about our current immigration laws that cause you to feel diversity "... promote[s] racial and ethnic division instead of resembling what prevents a successful government?" You're reading as though your biggest concern is that INCLUSION of all American ethnicity into the legislative and administrative branches of our government destroys the Myth of White Supremacy. If Immigration law needs to be revised, it's our current Congress who could choose to do so. They don't choose to do so. Worse, if they did it would most likely be in the punitive, partisan way we've seen for the past 2 years. The nation was founded on diversity, a melting pot democracy. To deny inclusion in representation of all the people of this country is, in effect, denying the basis of what our democracy was meant to be. When it comes to racial and ethic division the only Dividers are white folk afraid of what they don't understand. We are America. All of us, not some of us who feel the lack of pigment in our skin makes us superior in any way.


As opposed to regressive conservatism? Trying to turn the clock back to some fantasy bliss that never existed? No thanks.

Opioids are the main problem today. Pharmaceutical Corporations, the medical industry, and our government are the cause of the opioid epidemic. Nuremburg them. Try to keep up.


If anyone wants to see the end result, and distilled version of progressive liberalism look no further than San Francisco. It is now a third world slum.
The Democratic airheads have destroyed a once beautiful city, and driven away tourist, and business people alike. Yet, they refuse to reconsider their approach to city government. If you need a glimpse into YOUR cities future San Francisco
is a living (Dying) model for all who have eyes to see. ANY city government that SUPPLIES their drug addicted residence with syringes, and provides them with a "SAFE" place to inject themselves with their drug of choice is guilty of crimes against humanity, and should be dealt with in "Nuremberg" fashion. EVERYTHING liberalism touches it destroys.


bohica very well said!

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