This morning while listening to the radio I heard the unbelievable statistics about violence and murder in our larger cities. The radio host read from a newspaper article regarding six major cities in America that experienced 600 murders in the past six weeks of shutdowns and demonstrations.

In reference to the current unrest in the country, i agree that division is not good for our nation. I would like to interject a note from a different perspective. As a Jewish-American woman, I too have experienced repeated prejudice from a young age. I remember being chased home from school with epithets like "dirty Jew."

Race is a social construct used by political entities to divide people. We are all one race, the human race. There are tribes and ethnicities, but we all come from the same two people, and melanin is no measure of a person's character. But, as Martin Luther King, Jr. would agree, character is the real issue. 

These protesters who want to destroy our country do not care about Black people or Jewish people or any other interest group. They want power, and they are using this incident to foment real damage to our nation.

I hope for all people to be kind and law-abiding, but some are not. And destroying our history to try to alter people's hearts is bogus and ineffectual. I hope America will continue to be a place where all lives matter, even mine.

We cannot capitulate to lawlessness in a misguided attempt at social justice. We must fight to maintain what our ancestors died to give us. Failure will mean the end of our republic as we know it.

The cost of doing nothing is too high. Law and order must prevail, or we are lost as a society. Praying with you that America survives as founded and the Constitution endures.

Rochelle Mobley-Smith


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