Oregon universities are claiming they are broke and need more money. However it's not the lack of money that is the problem, it's their profligate spending.

Case in point: The University of Oregon in September approved a contract for their president of $720,000 per year, plus a $60,000 per year raise.

Universities have forgotten the reason they are there, and it's not to make money and hand out huge salaries to those who don't even teach. Apparently we need to remind them that they are there to provide students — our children — with a quality education.

They are not there to provide 'safe spaces', not there to curb free speech, not there to hand out huge salaries while burdening students and taxpayers with large educational debt.

Instead of the governor trying to levy extra taxes to support the waste, she needs to be taking a good, hard look at how state universities are being run and working to curb the waste, abuse and cronyism going on. I suspect there are way too many administrators, overblown salaries, not enough professors and too many classes that don't actually teach students what they need to compete in today's market.

From what I've seen of students being questioned about our country and government, some basic nonpartisan courses on both are extremely necessary to assure not only students graduate with job skills but with a true understanding of the blessings of living in this country and an understanding of how government works.

Most of all, we have to stop bankrupting students and families while providing sub-par educations amid university massive wasteful spending.

Midge Frost


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Well said. Thank you!

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