I write today to beg our officials to do the "right thing" for the people of Oregon. We need to repeal Obamacare.

I cannot understand why they refuse to do the duties that they were elected to carry out, and why they insist that the American people be forced to use a program that they and their constituents felt the need to exempt themselves?

I understand why they exempted themselves. According to 2017 Health Insurance Exchange Snapshot by Avalere Health, it was projected that by 2017 23 million Americans would be enrolled in Obamacare. Figures show that only 11.4 million actually took health insurance, a deficit of 11.6 million. Less than half the projected number was actually attained.

The same report shows how the average cost for the four plans have fared since 2014:

Bronze Plan — 2014-$359; 2017-$475

Silver Plan — 2014-$434; 2017-$554

Gold Plan — 2014-$505; 2017-$712

Platinum — 2014-$555; 2017-$892

I am betting money that they still have never read just "what" is in that bill that they are insisting we be forced to use, when they believe they are above the same treatment.

I pray that they do the "right thing" and repeal Obamacare.

Paully Watson


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Feeling duped? Well don't feel so bad, there were tens of millions of others who will probably wake up to it sooner or later as well. For most it will take a while longer for the shoe to drop.

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