Five years after honoring of our 15 classmates who served in Vietnam, the Roseburg High School class of 1964 has awarded plaques to four more Vietnam heroes. The ceremony, at the Roseburg VFW Wall of Remembrance, took place last month.

The four Vietnam veterans honored were Mac Beaber and Lonnie Shields of Roseburg, Doug Dufresne of Portland and Len Floth of Spangle, Washington. Lee Paterson, himself a Vietnam veteran and retired superintendent of the Roseburg School District, was the guest speaker. Paterson also spoke at the plaque ceremony in the summer of 2014, which inducted 15 classmates. It was held during the 50th reunion of the RHS class of 1964 — in fact, the class awarded Paterson a plaque weeks after his speech.

Those honored at that time included Gary Newport, who was killed in Vietnam in 1966. Others awarded plaques were Bob Adams, Jim Berlandi, Roger Boucock, David Butler, Ernest Crom, John Robinette Doolittle, Charlie Dornsife, Roger Fielding, Mike Hill, Neil Hummel, Toby Notenboom, Ralph Sallee, Gary Stevens and and Dennis Welt. Also, a plaque for longtime Roseburg pharmacist Keith Van Krevelen will be dedicated. Van Krevelen, a U.S. Army captain, served in North Africa and Italy during World War II. He died in 2014. His daughter, Jo, is a member of the RHS class of '64.

David Sevall


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