I was eight years old when I moved to Roseburg, back in 1951. I attended Fullerton III Elementary school (now Fremont Middle School), Central Junior High (destroyed by The Blast) and graduated from Roseburg High School in 1961. After graduating from Oregon State University and marrying, I had two daughters who graduated from RHS in 1989 and 1991. I now have one grandchild attending Fremont Middle School, and one grandchild attending Melrose Elementary. I taught at Fullerton IV Elementary for over 22 years before I retired. I am proud to have raised my family and to have taught children from other families while living in a wonderful community.

I know there is going to be a bond levy for schools on the May 19th ballot. I read the letters of Joe Garcia and Alex Palm online, and feel as they do: Everyone who cares about our community, no matter what our current circumstances, needs to vote "Yes" for Roseburg schools.

The bond seems to be based around security and safety measures. It will provide safer entry ways, safer environments in the schools, and remodel buildings to make them more conducive to learning.

The gyms in the elementary schools are so needed. And then when I realized the neighborhoods get to use the gyms for emergency centers and they will be equipped with necessary supplies, I was sold on the bond, especially now, when we are facing an unprecedented situation.

I have been on a fixed income since 1999. Just as many of you, I do not have money to spare. But in this case, it seems like we will be missing a chance to help our schools and community if we don’t vote for the bond, and that is a chance I don’t want to give up.

Vote "Yes" for schools.

Ginger Stratton


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