If you wave a red banner at a bull, you will get attacked.

If you see a red stop light, you will hopefully stop.

If you make your parent mad, well, they might see red.

What about what red means to schools?

Roseburg wimped out of the march for just wages and funding for schools. Sure, there were red balloons eerily hung on fences. Yes, teachers may have worn red at school.

Where is the anger when it comes to so little care for our children's future?

I must say I do not have children, so I happily pay taxes to support yours. But costs have risen. Classroom sizes increase. Yet some on the top think we should just ignore voting for more funds for education.

We hear it from parents, citizens saying, "No more taxes." We end up closing a library, reducing literacy, ignoring those courses that are not math, reading and science.

My best memories are from Mrs. Escobar and Mr. Carmichel. One taught me to speak out for justice. The other believed in me.

Stop saying you can't afford to pay more. How about charging $100 per student each semester? Does not sound appealing. So stop complaining. Our kids — your kids — are worth it.

Don't just hang red balloons. See RED. Demand more funds. Support teachers and staff, and prepare your children in the best way.

Roberto Jaramillo


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