Back in the day when I was a kid growing up in central Oregon, there was a little sawmill on nearly every creek that had pine trees growing along it. The logging camps didn't have names, they had numbers: Camp 3, Camp 7, Camp 10. My cousin worked in Camp 10 out of Kinzua.

These days it's looking more and more like Douglas County should consider designating their parks not by names, but by numbers. We could have Stump Park 1, Stump Park 4, etc. At least then people passing through the area would be more aware of what to expect when then approach a Douglas County park.

If, indeed, there are trees that need to be removed for people's safety, there should be announced, open meetings at which the need is set forth by independent arborists and there is the opportunity for public response.

The cutting of lots of trees in a park, regardless of the reason or how the fallen trees are to be used, should be public information.

A committee and three commissioners sitting in Roseburg should not be the only ones privy to the plans until after the fact.

Prudy Zorotovich


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