The Trump administration reminds me of the magician who keeps the audience occupied with one hand while he performs a trick with his other hand. The White House, with its chaotic lying and buffoonery, occupies our news, while the cabinet secretaries work like beavers to roll back every consumer protection. They were deliberately chosen for their animosity toward the departments they were to run. Knowledge of the department was not a prerequisite.

The bigoted elf in justice is backing away from civil and voting rights. Too bigoted for for the Supreme Court, he is at the Justice Department. We don't don't hear much about the damage he is doing. Devos is trying to do away with public education and is pushing for unregulated charter schools. Pruitt at the Environmental Protection Agency is trying on the lush life at tax payer expense. He is in place only because he is destroying environmental protections, in favor of industry.

The Treasury is working to eliminate financial protections. The State Department is in shambles, with a 30 percent budget cut and seasoned personnel fleeing in droves. Housing and Urban Development is badly mishandled. Defense seems to be in good hands, as was the VA. Several of this gang have been fired, not for malfeasance, but because they are not loyal enough to Trump. He cares little for morality or expertise. In his government, loyalty counts more than job competence or experience.

Trump exhibits a visceral hatred toward Obama over the thorough humiliation he suffered at that White House press dinner. Obama flayed him alive, and deservedly so, after his idiotic birther rant. Trump is bent on removing every sign of Obama's legacy, no matter the cost to the country.

The midterms can't come too soon. We need a congress that will rein in the "Mussolini wanna be" in the white house.

David Grant

Myrtle Creek

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David Grant makes a good summary of Trump's attack on America. By far, though, the most damaging of Trump's and the Republican Party's ploys to destroy America is their attack on truth itself. This attack can only have succeeded due to the stupidity and apathy of the American people.


we seem to be in a political roundabout - Republicans ruin the economy in favor of their corporate masters; Democrats recover the economy, only to be criticized by Republicans who claim government control and too much influence, leading to another Republican administration elected. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

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