During the landing at Anzio, I was Treated on the hospital ship U.S.S. Comfort. Ships are not very stable platforms, so I was strapped to the operating table and given a spinal. About halfway through the operation, the Germans decided to bomb the ship.

Needless to say, the medical procedures came to a screeching halt. By the time the bombing was over, a bit of the spinal had worn off and experienced what might be called a period of discomfort.

After the surgery, I was taken to a sleeping compartment, where there were three high side-by-side bunks. I was put next to a soldier who had been wounded in the landing. I was full of my operating compartment experience and aggressively telling him about it before I shut up long enough to notice that he wanted to talk.

He was telling me how much he loved his mother and his sister, what wonderful people they were and how much he missed them, when he suddenly stopped talking. A nurse came over, checked his heart and pulled the blanket over his face.

Watching the news this evening about Trump essentially calling that soldier a sucker and a loser — that event during World War II came back full-blown. There are no words to fully relay the level of my anger.

Redge Ranyard


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Redge, I appreciate your Ietter.[thumbup]


Debunked like every other Leftist propaganda piece has been.



You refer to a Facebook post to prove your point????


President Trump is the most pro military president in my lifetime. This story is a lie, a fabrication of the Left projecting their utter hate for anything good. Just as the lying Democrats say that the Republicans are the racists, when they are literally the party of slavery, Jim Crowe and the KKK. They have no integrity and they lie to lie. I can't wait for Trump to win reelection so I can enjoy the Left crying in their safe spaces for the next 4 years.


When it is reported—first in The Atlantic, then by The Washington Post, the AP, CNN, and Fox News—that multiple sources have heard Trump defame America’s fallen, the reporting rings true because it is consistent with the public record. The denials ring false because they defy that public record.


I am a vet. I was irritated when my friends ignored donnies bashing of John McCain and calling him a loser because he was a P.O.W. I wonder how my friends will vote this year after the news of donnie calling all active duty and veterans losers and suckers????


You are a vet? If you are a vet why do you have such disrespect for your country? John McCain was a small and angry little man. He also sided with the Democrats at every chance. When McCain was a POW he spilled his guts to the enemy... so what's your point?


You were there????


It's bunk. Just pre-election left wing propaganda aimed to make people like YOU believe it.


Just like "everybody who wants a test can get a test."


This Chinese flu will be gone by March.....


babyboomer, what a callous response to Mr. Ranyard's sincere letter.


What is callous about babyboomer's response? The fact that you don't agree with it?

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