It's 2018, and we have tools at our disposal that are simple and they work. Vaping is the most successful solution. You don't have to quit your habit, you're just switching to something that's at least 95 percent safer.

I've been banging my head against the wall trying to figure out why people wouldn't want to save a bunch of money, smell better and feel better. Two words: Fake news.

For those of you who share scare-tactic articles and spread it around, shame on you. People's lives are at stake, and this is literally a life-and-death situation I’m writing about. Nearly 6 million people die each year from smoking-related diseases. The Royal College Of Physicians, made up of 32,000 of the most prestigious doctors in the world, has scientifically proven that vaping is at least 95 percent safer than smoking.

For those of you letting the articles and/or people bully you out of living a long, healthy life: Stop it. “Popcorn lung?” It is a myth. There are 6,718 micrograms of diacetyl in a smoker's daily habit, but a person who vape’s will not exceed 9 micrograms per day.

So ask yourself, how many smokers have you ever heard of getting “popcorn lung?” The answer is none, because it's just another scare tactic to keep you smoking cigarettes. But wait, you can get “wet lung,” right? Wrong. It was proven to be an allergic reaction having nothing to do with vaping. Oh, but one of the ingredients is propylene glycol, and that's in antifreeze, right? It's a non-toxic additive to make antifreeze less harmful. And water is one of the main ingredients in antifreeze; should you stop drinking that as well? Stop the propaganda and let's start saving lives.

Jason Weber


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People puffing on cigarettes in public seems odd enough these days. Watching someone simulate a naval smoke screen while vaping is something else.


Sadly it seems this country has become a nation of addicts. People addicted to caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, pills, meth, heroin, etc. Very sad to think we can't make better choices.


Just curious here, but did you just share statistics on one side as truth, yet false, fake news, propaganda on the other? See it doesn't work that way, you must be unbiased to effectively report statistics. And to downplay the addictive properties of nicotine by actively propagandizing on behalf of vaping, repeatedly, you clearly have a vested interest in the growing vape industry. You basically just made a commercial, and that is plain as day.

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