‘Stop hate speech’ letter didn’t address all forms of hate speech

This is a response to a letter to the editor from George Weston, published in The News-Review on July 30.

The letter said to stop the hate speech, but as I read the words it seemed it was a letter of hate. Specifically to so-called “white people,” calling them lazy and saying they promote the “go back where you came from” chants. While this may be true for a small portion of caucasian Americans, the letter failed to mention a news story where a woman of color created a false narrative and said a Cuban-American man told her to go back where she came from, when really it was her who had said it to him.

Racism and hate is in every race and culture towards each other and not just a white people problem, though the extreme left would love for the mass sheeple to think and feel this way. The letter’s author also claimed that if it wasn’t for other races being in America then lazy white people wouldn’t have landscapers, housekeepers, crop pickers, which in itself is a racist fascist statement by claiming only people of other ethnic backgrounds are fit for those jobs. These people of color, as he called them, have the right to turn these jobs down — that is their right as Americans — but also to choose to accept them. The real racism and hate is making any outlandish claim or narrative or basing actions solely on ones races or color.

I am a proud Irish-Mexican mix, and his statement would basically say I’m only cut out for manual labor. I’m not the only one out of my co-workers the felt the statement read that way. We do not have a “white people” problem, we have a humanity problem. So yes, hate speech should stop, but not the way the letter explained.

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The last 2 paragraphs of this letter are especially insightful and well said!

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