Poll after poll demonstrates what most people already know: America is getting more polarized politically. Young people, minorities and city dwellers have joined the blue team. They jump at every opportunity to point out the president’s stupidity, reflexively accept any allegation they hear from MSNBC pundits about Russian collusion as fact and quickly dismiss people who disagree with them as close-minded, uninformed racists.

Older, whiter, working-class people from the countryside have joined the red team. They reflexively defend Trump’s numerous lies, uncritically parrot Fox News talking points about immigration, and dismiss people that disagree with them as entitled, lazy children.

The result is a cult-like polarization of people based on geography and emotion. The two groups of uniformed, propagandized teams often times can’t think critically or communicate with the other side — which is a shame, because both groups have a lot in common and could solve common problems if they started thinking less tribally.

Conservatives know that despite Obama’s promise of “change” he received millions of dollars in campaign contributions from corporations and continued the status quo by stocking his cabinet with Wall Street executives, who bailed out the rich bankers that crashed the economy.

Liberals point out that, despite promising to drain the swamp and airing commercials days before the election criticizing Hillary Clinton for her connections to Goldman Sachs, Trump appointed numerous shady swamp-monsters to his cabinet, including former Goldman Sachs CEO Garry Cohen who received a $285,000,000 bonus for departing Goldman, which he quickly repaid Goldman many times over by pushing for the biggest corporate tax cut in American history.

If people on both sides could take the time to look at issues objectively based on their merits rather than tribally, we could actually reform this extremely corrupt political system.

Erik Jung


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I was attempting to take the opposite view or position then the writer of the letter. They stated the older, whiter, employed people were joining the red team. That would imply that younger, blacker, unemployed people are joining the blue team. I was making fun of that racist, ageist and employment status type of thinking.


Does that mean that younger, blacker, unemployed people are joining the blue team?


I have read and re-read your post and I don't understand what you are trying to say.

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