Strong schools aren’t just for students.

It’s hard to imagine that any parent or grandparent with kids heading to Douglas High would vote no on Measure 10-169, especially if they’ve visited campus in the last decade or two. The school’s condition is very persuasive, and for parents, teachers, administrators and volunteers that support our students, that may be enough.

We should all support this bond, though, and not just for the students. The condition of a community’s schools impacts the larger community in big and small ways:

  • Students who spend time in environments that demand respect and care learn to show that same respect elsewhere, including on our sidewalks and in our parks.
  • Strong local economies require high quality schools. If we want hard-working dedicated parents — and the businesses that hire them — to settle or stay in our community, we must provide clean and safe learning environments.
  • From earthquakes to active shooters, schools are our most vulnerable and valuable locations in emergency situations. We have a duty to equip staff and first responders with the upper hand through structurally sound, well-designed facilities.
  • If you believe that your tax dollars should be traceable to intended uses, should benefit your local community and should be spent with citizen oversight, this is how you make it happen. Bond dollars cannot be diverted for any purpose. In fact, these will be matched with $4 million in state grants — tax dollars coming back home.

And those students? Well, they’ll join us very soon to vote, pay taxes, lead government and make decisions that impact our lives. I hope they’ll remember this vote. I hope they’ll step up to do their duty and take care of their community just like we did.

Please vote yes with me on Measure 10-169.

Jennifer Mitchell


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In most places, the facility would be condemned. To house our most precious assets-our children in such deplorable conditions reflects poorly on all of us.

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