Support Trump and thank a veteran

I never was a Donald Trump fan. I actually voted for Cruz in the Republican primary. But when the choice came between Trump and Hillary Clinton, I could not vote for anyone who would kill babies out of the womb — let alone late-term abortions — and allow our people in Libya to die. In fact, I don’t know how anyone could, even if you hated Trump.

Congress has wasted 2 1/2 years to try to dump Trump because of so-called collusion with Russia, when the Democrats actually worked with Russia to get that info in the first place. Illegal? Yes. My major complaint here is not that there was an attempt to dump Trump, but that it was a waste of valuable time needed to rebuild infrastructure to close the border with Mexico and stop the drugs. What angers me most is that Democrats thought Trump was more important to dump than fixing roads an airports, stopping illegals flooding into America, ending drugs killing our younger population and the murdering of our newborns.

Shame on all of you that are still in that Democratic camp. Maybe you should start an independent party or something else. Stop hiding behind that donkey.

The thing is, Trump is looking better and better to me than 2 1/2 years ago. Anyone who has the guts to put up with all this crap is stronger than Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, or any of those twenty-something socialists that want to give away the farm to illegals, or those who refuse to work and become homeless. Trump has decreased the tax rates, increased jobs, increased trade, appointed great men as Supreme Court judges and hundreds of district judges, eliminated federal regulations, fought MS-13 gangs, destroyed 95% of ISIS, reduced the killing of our policemen, backed up our military and 200 other important items.

He has kept his word in every aspect except where Democrats have blocked it in the House. Wake up people. You are destroying all we have built upon the last 200 years. Americans used to work together for the nation, not for ourselves. World War II is a good example of total cooperation for America. We can do it again. Will you?

This Memorial Day is a reminder of where we have been. Bless a vet.

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You are aware Dirty Harry isn't a real person, right? None of that really happened. Trump is a liar and a coward, the exact opposite of that fictional character.

Trumpies live in such a world of illusion. The movies, fantasy, aversion to reality, Trump's con job, they just all run together fueled by their hate for the Clintons and Obama. Within 30 seconds a Trump fan will go off about Hillary and Obama. Every single time.


Seriously, Momos?!? Of course I know 'Dirty Harry' isn't a real person; my point was that the character he portrayed exemplified someone whose thinking was straight forward and uses common sense, who cuts through the the B.S. and calls it out for what it is, who deals with the 'real world' and doesn't put up with any nonsense. There are 'real life' persons I could have made reference to instead, but I think most people can extrapolate my meaning from the example I used; you, apparently, cannot. And the content of the rest of your letter only further demonstrates the negative bias you hold against Trump, the person. My letter, on the other hand, sought to address some the issues this president has had a positive impact on, regardless of how I feel about his personality.


Thank you, Chuck Stuermer, for your thoughtful and well-written article. Many of the points you make in your article are factually correct and historically accurate. It continually amazes me how short the memories of the liberals are in relation to their own politician's misdeeds, and how broad and sweeping their generalizations and opinions are in the arguments they make, which often fall apart on close scrutiny of the details and facts. And I have no idea what 'Momos' is talking about, as many fellow veterans I know are very appreciative of the support President Trump has given our military, from rebuilding the armed forces that were gutted by the previous president, to trying to clean up the VA's mess on how it cares for veteran patients, to the praise and support he gives to various veteran's organizations. I know that Trump is no angel, but he is certainly better than the bad actors from the previous administration. In my opinion, for the times we are in now, we don't need a 'Mother Theresa'; we need a 'Dirty Harry'.


[thumbdown] Trump only cares about Trump


God Bless our Soldiers....and God Bless Donald Trump.....


Trump the five time draft dodger? Trump who trashes veterans like John McCain? Trump who trashes Gold Star heroes and their families? Trump who won't listen to advice from our military leaders? Trump has no respect for veterans or the military. Or anyone else, for that matter. It isn't about how much you hate Hillary Clinton, it's about Trump.

Veterans, yes. Trump, no.

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