Bravo to our courageous Oregon Republican senators. Democrats hold a supermajority in both houses and the governorship. At first glance, it looks like they can pass any legislation they like without restraint, and they have — almost.

The Republicans have only one way to stop the worst of the bills barreling down the legislative highway. Walk out — thus preventing the Oregon Senate from having a quorum.

They used this last resort option to stop the Democrat majority from trampling religious and parental rights with a mandatory vaccination bill and to stop a gross violation of our Second Amendment rights.

Unfortunately, they traded the death of these bills for passage of a gross receipts’ sales tax. Several companies are already taking steps to move out of Oregon as a result.

Apparently, the Democrats have underestimated the resolve of the Republican senators. House Bill 2020 not only has a business-killing cap and trade mandate, but it invokes the emergency clause, which prevents the bill from being voted on by the citizens of Oregon after it has been passed and signed by our governor.

The Republicans have again been driven to employ their only option to stop this unacceptable bill: walk out.

Governor Kate Brown has ordered the state police to hunt down the Republican state senators like criminals and force them to come back to the capitol so that the Democrats can run roughshod over the opposing party, and prevent the voters from rejecting their jobs-killing bill, by passing HB 2020.

No senator wants to obstruct the business of creating good laws, but with no other way to prevent bad laws — we urge our Republican senators to stand firm. We appreciate their courageous sacrifice for our sake.

Thank you for doing the job that we elected you to do.

Carol Miller


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Amen!! I live in Salem and was in awe to see ALL those rigs and the unity of all involved. Keep it up. People need these jobs.

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