First: Congratulations to the editor and staff for the outstanding job that was accomplished by publishing the mass of letters in opposition to a prior missive recommending murder (an act of terror in its own right).

Second: The catch-all phrase parroted by President Donald Trump has been “Make America Great Again.” America is already great. What is needed is to make “Make America Greater.”

Third: The president needs to spend more time managing the welfare of the country and less time fighting the media while allowing his cronies the run of the White House. His favorite term “fake news” comes, for the most part, from what he or one of his surrogates have said. During the election, social media sites were overtaken by his around-the-clock tweeting of derogatory comments about his opponents — then re-posted en-mass by his staff and diehard followers.

The president's lack of management skills on a national level has become apparent with the latest fiasco to come out of the White House, i.e., his wholesale ban on Muslims from a selected section of the Middle East. This assuredly does not help keep the United States free from terrorism. We have more homegrown individuals possessing terrorist bents in our country now than well-vetted foreigners with visas and green cards. (Remember, well-vetted foreigners have been scrutinized a minimum of two years before being offered entry.)

To be a conservative, liberal, progressive, generic party or no party is a privilege of all citizens of this country. But to denigrate our judicial system for temporarily halting a seemingly hostile executive order is, if not out right contrary to the Constitution, reprehensible.

Kenneth Wells


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I am not totally ignorant but I have never heard the word proffered before (I went to college). Why does the paper use words that people have to look up the meaning to? That discourages people from reading an article. Remember KISS. Keep it simply stupid. Also try to remember to use the 4 W's (where, what, when, why) and a H (how). The reader should be able to find all that info in an article without using a dictionary.

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