The confessions of a Trump supporter

The disingenuousness of the Trump-haters has become shameless (as well as intellectually embarrassing) and the accompanying level of group-think runs counter to everything that allows political debate to be interesting and productive.

It destroys the notion that an individual has both the right and the responsibility to form conclusions that are evidence-based and logic-driven. This far-left expression of neo-tribalism has found acceptance throughout the ranks of the Democrat Party as well as nearly half of this country’s population. To those of you that are on board, let me point out a few things that you may want to consider.

There is a reason why so many of us support Trump. The majority of us are appalled by the direction that our society has taken in recent decades. To us, every good thing that America represents is under attack, including national sovereignty and individual rights based on principals clearly articulated in our constitution; entrepreneurial opportunity based on capitalism and a free-market economy; governance based on a sincere effort from all three branches to represent the will of the people; and an acceptable level of morality based on the rule-of-law.

These principles are foundational to our national-identity and Trump recognized a very simple truth: over half the voters in this country still believe in them, and many of us are prepared to defend them with our lives.

We are disgusted with your identity politics and your false-accusations of homophobia, misogyny, racism and other assorted prejudices. We recognize that the human experience includes a multitude of sins, common to all, and we acknowledge that our nation has committed many atrocities.

We are committed to a better future, but not at the expense of that which we hold dear — freedom

We will proudly vote for Trump in 2020. May God judge between us!

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Well put....


Concur 100%!!

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