Where is all the money going? I like to fish year-round here in Douglas County, from the high lakes to the beaches. Sometimes my wife doesn't always go at the same time and will meet me later at the boat ramps. So that is two county park permits we are required to use, even though it's for people living in the same household. I buy yearly passes, so that adds up to $60 per year.

There have been many times during my winter fishing trips that I've had to use my own chainsaw to clear logs and debris from the boat ramps, as have other fishermen I know. And then, like this time of year, certain ramps have deep drop-offs at the end from winter washout.

I have brought these issues to the Parks Department but it feels like a waste of my times. I really believe, with all the income from the park fees, these boat ramps should be maintained better and in a more timely fashion. "Pay more and get less" seems to be the motto. If anyone else feel this too, please call them and tell them we want what we're paying for.

Jerry Morgan


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This is what happens when you run the parks like a business ! The County's focus is on the RV parks and OHV riders on the coast. This is where they are putting their money and resources,. The majority Douglas Co. residents, inland, have to pay to play but see little for their money ! I am sure The BOC and the Parks Dept.is glad you, Mr. Morgan and friends are doing their work for them, but will also tell you what you are doing is illegal !!. When you run the parks this way, everything is a Catch 22.

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