The school failed. The FBI failed. The police failed. The officer on the site failed.

Yet all we hear is that guns and the NRA are the problem. No one from the NRA was there or in any way involved with the Florida school shooting. In the Texas church shooting, it was an NRA trained member who stopped the bad guy.

Why is the first solution to this problem penalizing law abiding citizens rather than dealing with the real problems involved with this tragedy. They tell us, "See something, say something," but they forgot their part, which was "Do soemthing!"

The gunman appears to have been mentally ill. We need to address that as a problem. Vilifying guns and the NRA is not the answer, it's just an easy answer. It's being proposed not to sell guns to anyone under 21. I gather this means those under 21 are not thought to be mature enough. Yet we have 18-year-olds taken into the military, where they use guns and protect our country — and do it well. It's even been proposed that 16-year-olds should vote. Which is it? Is anyone under 21 not mature enough to handle guns, make decisions, like whether to smoke or drink, or who to vote for? Or are 18-year-olds mature enough to buy a gun, choose who to vote for, whether to smoke and/or drink and join the military? Logic — sadly lacking so far — needs to be applied to these problems. We need to look at problems clearly, and at solutions that will actually work rather than so called solutions that feel good but solve nothing.

Midge Frost


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Willie Stroker

It’s so refreshing to see someone on here who has a brain! Everyone on here says that all semi-automatic guns need to be banned. However, they don’t understand that handguns are semi-automatic too! Not just AR-15’s!

They think that by not owning a gun they are somehow protecting their family and children! All they are doing is making themselves a victim! Some bad guy could have a gun so are we supposed to go after them with a can of mace? No! We have guns to level the field. If they are going to bring a gun into my house and harm my family, then they need to be ready to stare down the barrel of my gun too!

I’m not going to sit idling by and hope nothing happens! I’ve taken an oath to protect the Constitution from all threats! Foreign and domestic! In 1774 the British passed gun reform, in 1775 they tried to seize all the guns, in 1776 the American Revolutionary War started! The British lost nearly 100,000 soldiers! If we need to have another Revolutionary war to remind these people that WE THE PEOPLE will not give up our God given rights, then that’s what needs to happen! Of all gun related deaths less then 1% were caused by an AR-15! You are more likely to be struck by lightning then you are to be shot by an AR-15! Guns are used hundreds of thousands of times every year to stop violent crimes!

These people like to attribute the decrease of gun related deaths in Australia to the gun control laws that they implemented. They don’t realize that there was also a 25% increase in violent crimes because of gun control being implemented! The US on the other hand saw a 24% decrease in violent crimes as more Americans purchased guns!


ALL guns could be confiscated, and a nut-job with an agenda would find a's just a sad fact. The worst school massacre was done with TNT...

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