Sometimes I am amazed at the letters published in The News-Review. Many times they make absolutely no sense, are difficult to understand and have no clear objective or any logic to their point.

In particular, I am referring to the letter "Communists are infiltrating our government," published on April 2 in the Public Forum. Really, do you honestly believe that the author had anything to say or convey? Do you, as editors, really believe communists are infiltrating our government? Given everything that's going on, is this really something that was worthy of newspaper coverage and wide distribution?

I've always had problems with some of the drivel and nonsense that you publish, but this letter really took the cake. Maybe you should start taking your jobs as editors seriously and publish something that actually informs the reading public of something important, and serves a a central point of communication and information, instead of publishing garbage and nonsense for a change.

Really, what is wrong with you?

Marty Katz


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Thanks Marty

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