It is time for Republicans and conservatives to rally on the streets and demand the dissolution of both houses of Congress and for new term limits to become law of the land.

Representatives should be permitted to serve a maximum of three terms. One six-year term should be the limit for senators. For both houses, elections should be held so a third of the membership would be up for reelection every two years.

All Americans who love and appreciate America and the U.S. Constitution should be on the streets supporting the above changes. Misguided activists who think they could disrupt these demonstrations would be wise to stand down.

We are a nation under God and we will continue to be after the swamp is cleared of the swamp rats.

New leadership is imperative. Both major parties and their leaders are a disgrace. Who will step up?

Sherman Talbot


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This is one of the sad things our Founding Fathers failed to see....they thought that voting would solve the issue....but when Democrats continue to find boxes and boxes of "Oops" overlooked votes, this swamp will continue.


Another thing is we have term limits. It's called voting. Maybe the candidates you support don't have the views of the majority in your district or your state.

I do take offense you your remark of "misguided activist" should stand down. Who are you to tell people what they should do? I will use the freedoms in the Constitution to stand up up for what I believe. Term Limits won't improve our situation.


"Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss". Until people start using this thing called critical thinking we will continue to have "swampy issues".

Somehow I don't think the current administration in Washington has done anything to clear the "swamp". In fact I say this administration has increased the "swampyness" exponentially.

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