Isn't it funny. Our eyes and minds have been transfixed by the battle between red and blue. If you are on the red team, you hate Democrats. If you are on the blue team, you hate Republicans. Never shall the two meet.

However, the flag has three colors. The hope on the flag is the third color, white. If our governance and vision remains the same, our country will bloody up the peaceful color of white on the flag. We have sullied it by terrible prejudice, harsh words, uncivilized actions and words that we would never have said out loud.

Where is the civility? Gone, because we cannot see but red and blue. I write this not to persuade anyone from jumping their parties. I write because we have all loss our bravado.

In all the noise, there are still children and families living in cells in camps throughout the United States. There are disasters looming in states, but the monies have been diverted to a wall. There are people being refused medical care because insurance companies strangle those from joining.

We are still being misinformed by politicians that just care about their pockets. And we have seen the feckless acts of priests, bishops and churches in facing these issues head on.

Perhaps we are all not meant to be prophets in this cold world. But some of us have to stand up and speak out. Stop this terrible scourge before we destroy ourselves.

Think about it next time you say something insulting about someone red or blue. Why not praise someone for trying to preserve peace in the midst of the flag.

Roberto Jaramillo


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